Data protection officer


FairData Professionals a.s. was founded as a sister company of HAVEL & PARTNERS, the largest Czech-Slovak law firm, to provide reliable and long-term support and advice in connection with the activities performed by the Data Protection Officer (DPO), as well as other data protection and data security services, to business corporations, entrepreneurs and public administration entities.

Why outsource DPO services:

Do you want to focus on your business and leave the GDPR and data protection agenda to the experts? No matter whether you are a controller or a data processor who has to designate a data protection officer, or whether you wish to provide reliable support to your DPO, by outsourcing this agenda you can benefit from considerable advantages.

With FairData Professionals you will gain access to unique data protection know-how developed in conjunction with Havel & Partners, attorneys-at-law. We will employ this know-how not only to ensure compliance with rules but also to actively advise you on how best to apply the rules in connection with your business needs. As your stable partner, we are capable of substituting members from our larger team, if need be, to ensure continuity. You will not need to worry if an employee in charge is absent or leaves the company. Thanks to our synergy, outsourcing the role of data protection officer may turn out to be the most cost-efficient option for you.

The GDPR contains a number of vague and general legal definitions which, when interpreted in a specific situation, may not always lead to unambiguous instructions. They can be correctly applied only with the assistance of experts who have long-term experience with privacy regulation, who know how corporations and public entities operate and are managed, and who have the necessary experience in IT and dealing with supervisory authorities. If this is the kind of approach you request from your data protection officer or your provider of GDPR services, the experts at FairData Professionals are there for you.

The cornerstones of our cooperation: