GDPR services

FairData Professionals is a data protection and IT security specialist.

Acting as the DPO

Outsourcing the role of DPO for data controllers and processors who must or may voluntarily decide to appoint a DPO

Supporting an in-house DPO

Professional support to a DPO appointed from among employees

GDPR compliance services

Performing the role of an “unofficial” DPO who is not formally appointed but will continuously support and monitor the organisation’s GDPR compliance

Local point of contact for the group DPO

Advising a group DPO based elsewhere in the EU on Czech and/or Slovak data privacy law, facilitating local GDPR compliance and supporting the group DPO on communication with the local (Czech or Slovak) DPA or data subjects

Representative in the Union

Serving as a representative in the Union pursuant to Article 27 of the GDPR for data controllers or processors not established in the European Union where their data processing activities are related to offering goods or services to data subjects in the EU or monitoring their behaviour

We aim to have satisfied clients with equally satisfied customers, employees and other data subjects. Therefore, our services will be based on the following principles:

  • The services will comprise an optimum blend of expertise, know-how and experience in law, information technology and management.
  • Our team will be available 24/7, which is a necessary prerequisite for meeting regulatory requirements in the event of security incidents affecting personal data.
  • We will designate an expert who will be in charge of your organisation, coordinate the activities of the entire team and have detailed understanding of all data processing issues in your organisation.
  • We will design our cooperation to adequately reflect the size of your organisation, the scope of our cooperation, your exposure to risk, as well as your decision-making processes.
  • The way we cooperate will immediately react to internal changes (in your data processing activities and processes, implementation of new IT systems, etc.) as well as external changes (changes in regulations, their interpretation or best practices).
  • We will continually monitor changes in data protection law and practice in cooperation with HAVEL & PARTNERS’ team of know-how specialists.
  • We have taken out a specific commercial liability insurance policy in connection with the DPO and other related services.