FairData Professionals’ GDPR, information security and whistleblowing services are assured by the following experts:



Robert Nešpůrek is one of the founding partners of HAVEL & PARTNERS and is currently heading the firm’s Commercial and IP&IT practice group. The Czech Law Firm of the Year awards regularly rank this group among the most recommended IT law practices in the Czech Republic and have already named it the best practice for Telecommunications and Media six times. For almost the entire 23 years of his legal practice, Robert has specialised in IT and data protection law. Who’s Who Legal, an independent international publication, ranks Robert among recognised experts in Information Technology and Data Privacy and Protection, among others. Most recently, Robert has led multiple GDPR implementation projects across numerous industries. His other practice areas have always included corporate transactions in particular in the tech sector, IP law, commercial transactions and EU law. Prior to co-founding HAVEL & PARTNERS, Robert worked for a global law firm in its Prague and London offices. He obtained his LL.M. degree in European Business Law from the Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands.



With 15 years of experience in personal data protection, preceded by four years of experience in EU and international law at the Czech Ministry of Justice, Richard Otevřel is a recognised expert in privacy protection regulation in the Czech Republic. Since 2011, Who’s Who Legal, an independent international publication, has repeatedly ranked Richard among the Czech Republic’s experts on telecommunications, media, IT and data protection law. At HAVEL & PARTNERS, Richard provides regular advice to an array of Czech as well as international companies with businesses in various fields and industries (including e-platforms and online solutions, finance, engineering, the health sector and the pharmaceutical industry, and the public sector), and businesses that process extremely large volumes of their employees’, business partners’ and customers’ personal data. With the onset of the GDPR, Richard has implemented major projects comprised of coordinating activities spread over multiple jurisdictions. He has been using his profeciency in privacy also in the intertwining field of corporate investigations and very recently for designing of whistleblowing schemes under new regulations. Richard is a member of the Czech Association for Personal Data Protection and the International Association of Privacy Professionals.



Jaroslav Šuchman is a Senior Data Protection Officer. His practice includes an extremely wide area of personal data protection, as he has ensured compliance across a variety of sectors and sizes of data controllers with the GDPR, such as a car importer, a member of a multinational pharmaceutical dealer network, a kitchen appliance distributor, an automotive parts manufacturer, a travel agency, an endowment fund, a start-up providing a product and service comparison service to consumers and an on-line marketing company. Jaroslav is able to provide strategic and ad hoc compliance advice on the handling of personal data in various commercial sectors, both the more traditional and the highly innovative (setting up individual processing procedures, evaluating and fulfilling the notification obligation in case of security breaches, support in inspections or representation in administrative proceedings). He also participates in implementation of whistleblowing schemes pursuant to new regulations both for local and international actors, and oversaw translation of the relevant ISO norm (37002) into Czech language. Jaroslav obtained his LL.M. degree at the Columbia Law School in New York, earning the Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar honours. Prior to his postgraduate studies, he worked in the Department for the European Union of the Chancellery of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic for five years and served as head of said department from 2006. In the Senate Chancellery, he was involved in creating mechanisms for parliamentary controls of the European legislative process after the Czech Republic joined the EU, and in shaping and developing an interaction framework between the Senate, the Czech Government and European institutions and was responsible for the parliamentary dimension of the first Czech EU Council Presidency in 2009.



Magda Kohoutková is a Senior Data Protection Officer and also specializes herself on compliance and whistleblowing. For many clients, she also acts as a Whistleblowing Officer pursuant to relevant EU rules. Focusing on personal data protection since 2006, in her role as head of the legal department of Pražská plynárenská, a.s., she was responsible for implementing the GDPR and ensuring compliance with laws and all processes in this area, and was appointed responsible officer for communication with the Office for Personal Data Protection accountable for the results of performed inspections. Her experience makes her exceptionally well equipped with insight into the implementation and setting of personal data protection rules as well as compliance processes and responsibilities from inside the organisation as well as the ability to offer perfect solutions both from the legal and business points of view. Magda also has additional comprehensive practical experience with implementing the GDPR and providing the services of a data protection officer, actively consulting and providing services as a DPO for a wide range of large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, and public institutions. From time to time, Magda also holds lectures at the HAVEL & PARTNERS Academy and expert conferences (Právo ve veřejné správě and Legislativní fórum conferences).



Jana Duchková is a Senior Data Protection Officer, GDPR Consultant (among others for the HAVEL & PARTNERS) and Whistleblowing Officer. In addition to personal data protection and whistleblowing, she focuses on public procurement and European administrative law. In the field of personal data protection, she specialises in personal data processing in public entities, healthcare facilities and sport associations. She served as a member of the central Prague City District Council between 2010 and 2018 and as the first deputy mayor for 6 years during that period of time. Her strength is the ability to see the big picture of the GDPR in municipal authorities and other public entities from inside, and to ensure the necessary compliance of reality with legislation. Jana works as a data protection officer for a small region comprising about 30 municipalities of all categories, a licenced executor’s office, as well as several small private companies. In the area of detection of illegal activities within organisations and of prevention of harm to the public interest, she specializes in procedures for whistleblowers' protection, implementation of internal whistleblowing systems and related documentation and also acts as a Whistleblower Officer. Continuously deepens hew knowledge of anti-corruption and compliance management systems. She has performed initial audits and conducted GDPR implementation projects e.g. in a regional hospital, a sport association with over 200,000 members, and in a multinational finance company. Jana Duchková is active in performing training and educational programmes both at the HAVEL & PARTNERS Academy and in cooperation with education institutes of public administration. She is an active member of the Association for the Protection of Personal Data, where she participates in the public administration commission and the DPO commission.



Ján Jaroš has been the Senior Data Protection Officer at FairData since the establishment of the company. He gained experience in the field of personal data protection not only as a trainee at the law firm HAVEL & PARTNERS, where he participated in the implementation of the GDPR and a number of projects related to data protection, but also during 5 years at the Office for Personal Data Protection. In the position of head of Inspectorate III, he and his colleagues focused mainly on inspection activities and drafting inspection reports. In addition to control activities, he also conducted administrative proceedings for breaches of personal data protection in connection with the imposition of measures to identify deficiencies and fines. At the office, Ján specialized mainly in the processing of personal data in central and debtor registers, in the banking and financial sector, in the visa information system, in the processing of the personal data of students / graduates or employees and in data processing via CCTV. Ján continues to specialize in this field, and thanks to his work in the law firm HAVEL & PARTNERS and FairData, has expanded to other areas in which he helps his colleagues to implement the principles of data processing resulting from the GDPR and special legal regulations.



Vojtěch Bartoš is a Junior Data Protection Officer. In his professional practice, he focuses in particular on human resources and personal data processing in the context of employment, but also personal data processing by public authorities or personal data processing using modern technologies such as advanced surveillance systems, systems working with GPS localization, etc. Vojtěch is enrolled in a PhD programme at the Department of Law and Technology, Faculty of Law, Masaryk University, dealing with personal data processing in public administration for his dissertation. In our team, Vojtěch is responsible for continuous monitoring of the developments in the legal regulation of personal data protection across the EU and in other significant jurisdictions across the globe. Thanks to Vojtěch’s activity, our team is always well-informed of the news and current developments in Europe and beyond.



With over 20 years of experience in system integration, website design, information security and business continuity assurance, Richard Michálek ranks among recognised experts in the respective fields. From 1995, Richard was engaged as a consultant on a number of projects focusing on the security of networks and systems connected to the Internet, which he carried out primarily for the banking sector. From 2003, he worked as a manager at Eurotel Praha s.r.o., later renamed Český Telekom a.s., Telefónica Czech Republic a.s. and finally O2 Czech Republic a.s., and he and his team were responsible for information security and the company’s business continuity. Since 2014, he has been working as an independent consultant in information security and has helped organisations to fulfil the ISO 27001 certification requirements. Further, Richard has applied the cyber security legal requirements, performed audits, built business continuity and has also been involved in crisis management. Thanks to his membership in the ISACA CRC committee, the editorial board of the specialised DSM magazine, and the Czech Committee for Security Research, as well as his numerous lectures and training sessions, he is permanently in touch with the most recent trends and know-how in his field.
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