Privacy by Design

Hardly anyone would doubt that PRIVACY is a core value of our civilisation. Nevertheless, we often tend to forget about it. The right way to remember it is through the Privacy by Design concept.
Who wouldn’t want to be a design champion? Or have something stylishly designed? But perhaps, when it comes to privacy, a design must-have is not the right thing? Let’s take a more serious look at this topic. For anyone who has heard of the well-known quote by Steve Jobs can already anticipate that we are not just talking about appearances.
"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
Steve Jobs


a pro-active approach

to legitimate use of personal data

best practice 

when fulfilling obligations under the GDPR

opportunity to save

human and financial resources by due data management


Privacy by Design (or PbD for short) is embedded in Article 25 of the GDPR as an umbrella principle for all the obligations of data controllers and processors. Simply put, whoever follows the PbD principle, complies with their GDPR-based obligations. Not only do they minimise all data processing risks but they also save costs thanks to the systemisation of processed data and optimisation of related processes, thus gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors in the data-based economy. PbD is an opportunity that we know how to exploit.


In principle, PbD means an initiative and pro-active approach to personal data protection issues, anticipating bottlenecks, finding specific solutions and introducing technical and organisational measures. The related measures have to be interconnected and be adopted comprehensively, systematically and with an emphasis on their consistent practical implementation. PbD is a commitment to implement efficient solutions. It is the exact opposite of empty administrative just-in-case solutions. PbD means an approach based on the risk exposure level. One size does not fit all; every processing bears different risks. Individual solutions must be tailored based on such risks. PbD, however, also means a continuous commitment. It is a permanent data protection concept. Confidence of business partners and customers can only be won through long-term and diligent work – this is true for your business qualities as well as for your data protection experts. PbD is a space for care, help and support that we know how to offer.


PbD means a comprehensive approach to data processing issues from the very conception of the idea to the actual placing of the finished product or service on the market. This is what our data protection officers can assist you with. If your company is not required to appoint a DPO, we can offer you the service of a shadow DPO, i.e. an advisor who will be able to provide you with long-term comprehensive assistance when dealing with any personal data protection issues that may arise. We can also provide you with ad hoc support in individual projects, in specific periods of time or extraordinary situations such as advice during the risk of data leaks.
FairData Professionals offer an experienced team of professionals, an individual approach and comprehensive services with high added value.
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